Friday, February 22, 2013

Stories That Rarely Make The National News

   The mainstream media has a certain narrative that they're pushing (down our throats). I decided to collect articles that reflect what's really happening nationwide in America today. This post will be updated whenever I run across an article that contradicts the MSM myths about crime, and race in this country. The never ending lies during the Zimmerman trial was the catalyst for this collection of articles.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 6
FBI Crime Stats: Table 49
FBI Crime Stats: Table 43
Backpack, Stolen Jewelry, Cover Up
Another Cover Up Story In The Martin Shooting
A "Cut The Numbers" Policy Let To Martin's Death
Ten Post Zimmerman Lessons
Is This A One Sided Race War?
DOJ: Violent Attacks On Whites Increased 18%
The Next Zimmerman Case? Not Likely
Brought A Knife To A Gun Fight
National Mall Looks Like A Trash Dump After Rally
93 Yr Old Woman Raped
A Few More People Attacked For Trayvon
Why Is Chellew Less Important Than Martin
Beaten By A Mob Of 50
Chris Lane Murdered
Teen Set On Fire - Story Barely Covered Nationally
Senseless Murder In Memphis
Mob Beats Man On His Front Porch For St. Skittles
WWII Vet Slain
Pregnant Woman Attacked By Mob Of 8
5 Charged With Attacking 77 Year Old Man
Autumn Pasquale's Killer Faces 17 Years
Who Kills Who
Girl Stabbed 11 Times
Obstruction In The Baby Stroller Shooting
Georgia Baby Brutally Killed
Brutal Home Invasion
Brutal School Bus Beat Down
Girl Stabbed
Assault, Robbery, The Usual
Teen Mob Attack In Little Italy
The New St. Skittles?
Nah... Not Quite Worthy Of The Title
The Myth Of St. Martin
Destroyed Evidence In The Zimmerman Trial
Another Flash Mob Robbery
Kidnapping In Texas

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