Thursday, February 7, 2013

US Murder Rates vs. Great Britain's

   Give this video a look. It discusses the US murder rate over the last 100 years vs. that of Great Britain. While ours has dropped by 40%, theirs has almost doubled. This is a pretty interesting discussion of the different paths our two nations have taken, and the results.

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  I've included an earlier video by the same gentleman. He made a few very good points about American demographics vs those of Great Britain.

  So why do I keep adding these videos? It's because each of us is an ambassador of the gun owning community. Everyone of us has a chance to reach an undecided voter or fence sitter. Let's be honest. We're not going to change the mind of an anti gunner or some of the more hyper sensitive Obama supporters.
   Recently, I had a man tell me that Obama wouldn't be pushing for an AWB if it wouldn't help. There was actual reverence in his voice when speaking of the President. This BHO supporter has a Hi Point so you can imagine how we'll informed he is. I'm not really interested in the opinion or support of guys like that. They're a lost cause.
  We're not going to reach that group. The intentionally ignorant, deluded anti gunners and rabid Obama supporters are beyond reason. We may however be able to reach the non gun owner that has a little curiosity about the topic. Perhaps we can sway a few voters and knowledge is our biggest tool in adding supporters.
  That is why I keep adding these vids, articles, and arguments. An informed gun owner is a better "Ambassador" than someone simply stating bumper sticker slogans. The other side can use that method.

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