Saturday, February 23, 2013

Over 5 Million Letters Sent To Representatives

  I probably shouldn't do it, but I sometimes wear shirts with gun logos. So much for keeping a low profile. Sometimes it works out OK though.

  I met another AR owner today, and got a chance to pass along the link that Ruger provides on their website. While viewing their political action page, I noticed that their numbers jumped from 800,000 (a week or two ago) to over 5 million contacts. Our Representatives have had some full inboxes lately.

  Hell yeah!!!

  If you've used their link to contact your Representatives or passed it onto others then thank you. Keep up the fight.

  I read a recent piece from a staffer at one Representative's office. It was stated that the pro gun vs anti gun contacts were running 8 to 1 in our favor. We need to keep this momentum going. It's an uphill battle. A lot of politicians simply don't care about the will of the people. The media is largely against us. Hollywood is almost entirely at odds with us, and the opposition is well funded. We don't have time to rest.

  Keep forwarding this link and keep up the good work.


  BTW, Remington has something similar on their site.

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