Sunday, February 10, 2013

Handgun Torture Tests

And now for the M1911s.
   I have just a few observations to make on these vids.
  1) The yelling probably wasn't necessary in the M1911 test. Actually it was kind of annoying.
  2) The M1911 was almost too hot to handle after the test. The Glock however was not.
  3) The Glock had a melted guide rod yet still kept running. It did have two malfunctions. The M1911 had no malfunctions.
  4) The Glock was largely unmodified except for the sights. The M1911 was probably all tricked out.
  5) I'm not interested in looking up prices. I suspect that the M1911 was several hundred dollars more expensive than the Glock.
   6) Remember when people could find ammo for tests like these?

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