Saturday, February 2, 2013

Would Law Enforcement Officers Disarm Americans?

  I've been on a few of the gun blogs and forums lately. There's been a lot of talk about law enforcement officers refusing to obey gun confiscation laws if they were somehow passed. Many that claimed to be LEO's wrote that they would not participate in disarming Americans. Some stated that they would quit first, and didn't care about their pensions.
  We've seen the articles about the dozens of sheriffs nationwide that have refused to take part in gun confiscations. Good for them.
  I honestly believe that they're in the minority though. As I look at the videos above, I have to wonder how many police officers we have like these two gentlemen. Is there any doubt in your mind as to how they would behave if a gun confiscation Bill became law?
  I'm sorry, I believe that most large police departments would toe the line. This is especially true in medium to large cities.
  Let's pretend however that only 50% of cops would participate in rounding up firearms and arresting citizens. That means half go to work, write speeding tickets, and answer calls just like normal. The other half gets paid to kick in doors all day. I doubt that the numbers would break down like that, but you get the idea. Only a percentage of those in uniform would have to obey the new laws, and assist the Feds.
  If gun bans and confiscations were to happen, it's easy to guess how it would play out. Large cities with anti gun police departments would no doubt be the first to respond. You can guess the cities. Chicago, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, etc would certainly be on the list. Americans would get used to seeing citizens arrested and property seized. It would run on the news every night, and no doubt the MSM would try to make the officers seem like patriots.
  Eventually an officer or two would be shot. In my opinion, this would unite the law enforcement community, and we'd probably lose a lot of those currently refusing to obey.
  In general, I'm a cynic and pessimist. Hopefully all of this ends well and I'm wrong. I hope that most of our LEO's are patriots willing to do what's right.
  I still remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Law enforcement officers from around the nation went to NO to help keep the peace. I remember seeing the videos of people being disarmed, but I cannot remember seeing a video, article or account of cops refusing orders to confiscate guns.
Edit:     I ran across this article this morning and felt that it was relevant. Give it a look if you're interested in the difference between big city police chiefs vs. sheriffs.

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