Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In The News

Crazed Cop Killers Manifesto - Unedited By The MSM
Voter Fraud In Ohio
65 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office
MEK Camp Shelled In Iraq
Fed's Holdings Of US Debt Up 257% Under Obama
Dr Ben Carson On Obama And America
34K Troops Cut In Afghanistan
Russians Load Up On Gold
47 Million Americans On Food Stamps
US Navy Carrier Cannot Refuel - US Is Broke
Fort Hood Victims Injured Injured In "Workplace Violence"
More Marines Charged For Peeing On POS Dead Taliban
Female Homeowner Shoots 2 Out Of 5 Intruders
Mali Jihadis Inflict Sharia On Black Africans
Representative Asks If Right To Bear Arms Will Lead To Owning Submarines
The Truth About Our Entitlement Culture
LA Ex-Cop Disturbed, Self Obsessed
2nd Amendment Supporters Labelled Terrorists In School Drill
El Paso, America's Safest Big City
1,000 Round Glock Torture Test
1,000 Round M1911 Torture Test
How To End The Gun Debate Forever
Why Would An Average Citizen Need To Carry A Gun
Venezuelan Money Devaluation Causes Panic - Probably Our Future
40% Of Gun Sales Lack Background Check - BS
Zimbabwe Farming Bounces Back?
Obama Gun Grab

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