Thursday, February 21, 2013

In The News

Obama Internet Police?
Great Pro Gun Op-Ed
Is Obama A Keynesian?
Getting Around .223 Shortages
A History Of The National Debt
Feds Buying Ammo - Now Up To 2 BILLION Rounds
Only Dems Are Satisfied With America's Progress Under Zero
Occupy Trash Honors Chris Dorner
Farrakhan's Gibberish On The 2nd Amendment
NY Bill Would Force Gun Owners To Buy At Least $1mm Insurance
WWE Creates Racist Tea Party Characters
Don't Use A Gun For Defense - "Just Learn Judo"
Don't Use A Gun For Defense - Use A Ballpoint Pen Instead
Don't Use A Gun For Defense - Pee Or Vomit On Yourself
Rape Victim Speaks Out About Call Boxes, Rape Whistles, And Gun Free Zones
Obama Admits: "Energy Is Going To Be A Little More Expensive"
Poll Worker Votes At Least Twice For Obama
Bill To Search Homes For Guns Proposed 3 Times - Accidently?
Same Home Search Topic From A Different Source
US Tyre Boss Mocks French Unions
Reloading 101
Dial 911 And Die
Seattle Gun Buyback Turns Into A Gun Show
16 Year Old Hacked To Death With Swords
After Gun Crime - Weapon History Takes Time To Find
Why Women Talk More Than Men
Shotgun More Dangerous Than AR15?

Read This When You Need To Reset Your Mind From All Of the Bad News, Stupidity, And Socialist Drivel That Makes Up The News In 2013

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